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The SLINX a sling for your Sphynx Cat or Pet, Emma's plaid donates to Cancer Research pet carrier cat sling Original hands free PLCY 18

$ 60
The SLINX a sling for your Sphynx Cat or Pet, Emma's plaid donates to Feline Cancer Research pet carrier cat sling plaid Mother's Day 10% of the sale of any Emma's Plaid product is donated to To read more about Emma, see below. The SLINX a sling for your Sphynx Cat or Pet, A Fashion Statement Pet Carrier in Emma's Plaid This is a made to order item and takes 2-3 weeks before it ships to you. This SLINX is made in a fleece in Black with Emma's Plaid. The model here is Pippin, he is in an Emma's black SLINX rendering, second model is Fluffy, with his Mom Amberly, in a dia de los Muertos SLINX available in another listing. I'd love to be able to do a photo shoot with each fabric, but can't with all the different patterns we offer! At last a product created for you and your cat! Almost any pet can use it, but I did create it with the Sphynx cat in mind. Soft, just stretchy enough for comfort for both of you, but support panels where needed. This is the SLINX Basics Sling: Long Stretch straps to tie many ways through side loops Large top opening with flaps on both sides. Fits cats from 0-15 lbs. Fits people of almost all sizes-fully adjustable. Great for dogs and other pets as well. About Emma Leigh and her fight with cancer: Emma's story is a story of love & heartbreak. In March 2012, my husband Mark and I went to a local shelter to make a donation. As we do every time we go, we went in to talk to all the babies and tell them that they will get a forever home soon. Mark called me from around the corner and I peered into a cage in the very back. There, scared and confused was the most amazing little sphynx cat, Emma Leigh. We asked to hold her, and 2 hours later, little Emma was on my lap riding home from the shelter. Her owner decided to surrender her because she became pregnant and did not want to have a litter in the house, her loss and our gain. In the next year and a half, this little girl changed our lives forever... To read the rest of of Emma's story, cut and paste this link in your browser: To see all the Emma's Plaid Items click here:ℴ=date_desc&view_type=gallery&ref=shop_search Reviews: Bethany M.-We LOVE our SLINX! If anyone is thinking about getting one.....get it! It's worth it & the naked babies LOVE it. My babies just sit in it & purr away. Shaynna S., Australia-"We LOVE LOVE LOVE the SLINX! I pulled it out last night and put it on the lounge, Jacques immediately checked it out and crawled inside and curled up for a snooze. As I type now he is passed out in it. It's perfect, soft, comfortable, and fits/sits so well. You're right about the leaving it hanging about- since Jacques was curled up in it last night I just picked him up and took him to bed in it." Alum A.-"It sure is made for sphynx because one of mine climbed right in. The other one is intensely curious but keeps getting swatted at to stay away by my big boy who is sitting in the slinx right now. He's the one who loves sitting in my shirt." "He (my husband) refers to Thermo as "his son" and demanded that he needs to wear the Slinx" Cyber Week Free Amaze Balls PLCY Be sure to get on the mailing list at (you may have to copy and paste the link) To get the announcements for the opening of our new shops. Match my Pet for amazing products and clothes for people and their pets. Amazing original unique gift items and clothing will be found at when it opens.

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