Simply Sphynx Cat Clothes

Sphynx Shampoo, 5 oz Wash, 5 oz Oil 3 oz Sphynx Silver ear wash. Customize for your cat, Natural Cat Shampoo Waterless cat bath. Cat Spa

$ 53
The original "waterless" cat bath. Larger sizes, lower prices, free shipping. All products are concentrated and make twice their size or more when diluted correctly. AND you do not have to put your cat in a tub or sink of water to use it. All Spa products here: Shampoo can be used on any pet, oil recommended only for the hairless. Three products: 5 oz Sphynx wash shampoo (W), 5 oz Fractionated Coconut Oil (O) and 2 oz Silver Solution (S) can be used to mix and make the perfect solution for any bath time problems. The concept is the same, start with the Oil, then the shampoo over it, and rinse. But now I'm adding in Silver Solution, a mix of colloidal and chelated silvers with distilled water for purity. Used alone as an ear or claw wash, it's amazing. A squirt in your cats bath shampoo lends an antibiotic, anti fungal and antiseptic quality to the bath. YOU decide how to mix your shampoo, oil, silver, or not. Sudden spell of dry skin as winter comes on? Easy, use your mixing bottle to make a small batch of hydrating shampoo by adding oil. Oily cat? Use a slightly less diluted shampoo to cut the oil, and so on. FREE mixing bottle is included with each purchase of oil or shampoo. We now have Blackhead balm! Activated Charcoal powder, Bentonite Clay powder, and you can mix them with our coconut oil and put in the refrigerator to firm up. Then it's easy to dab on the problem areas of chin, tail, anywhere that blackheads and dirt gather. At bath time or in between, leave on 1-3 minutes. Please don't let your cat lick it, it's edible but not very tasty. Go to This listing is for the set of one 5 oz bottle of shampoo and one 5 oz bottle of the Oil and one 3 oz bottle of Silver Solution, free mixing bottle included. For more info, ingredients and how to use, you can go to: (copy and paste in your browser if not linkable) How to use video: To see all the other options: Actual bottles, label and color may differ slightly. This is a final sale item. May require additional shipping to locations outside the United States. Final sale item, you take all responsibility to use it properly on your cat.

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