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Matching Clothes for Pets and Owners - For the Person only: Long Sleeve Tattoo Shirt - Purple Butterfly by Tattcat™ Ladies or Men 1111

$ 41
Matching Clothes for Pets and their Owners - Now You Can Dress Like Your Furbaby. Your Pet long sleeve Tattoo shirt in Purple Butterfly by Tattcat™ for men or women. Custom fashion tattoo pattern sheer layering top mesh shirts. Our most popular Purple Butterfly now for you too! This is for the human version, please read lower to find the link for the pet shirt. We've taken leftover pieces from the Tattcat™ fabrics we have printed and sewn them into a long sleeved shirt. Not your cheap import, this is the same high quality fabric we use for your precious pet clothing, soft as a whisper with re-enforced seams and extreme stretch. We make them in our studio in San Diego. This shirt is sheer, looks great under anything as well as over a black tank or bra top. A peaceful tattoo hippie vibe, this design has a nude background and features the purple butterfly on the front, the back and both sleeves. ** All items are made in a cat free/smoke free environment that is kept clean for your cats safety. ** One size fits most, Small to XL Get the pet shirt here: This is the ORIGINAL Tattcat™ and INK DOG™ safe fabric, Now used to make a YOU a version of our popular item, sewn on a custom built temperature controlled machine, engineered to fit and flatter, printed just for us with the most non toxic dyes available. This is NOT the cheap material used in most human products. These are custom made for each person or pet, not mass produced! As seen in "Owned by A Sphynx" Magazine as well as featured on several Newscasts. Care: Machine wash or hand wash gentle, cold water with gentle soap, air dry. Fit: Extreme four way stretch mesh Line/Designer: Tattcat™/INK DOG™by SLINX Concepts Weight: Ultra light mesh, very light warmth. Sizes Available: 1 size fits most OS Ships in: 3-5 business days Colors and patterns shown in pic may vary slightly from what you recieve. Pictures of Monet and Lucky by AMac for SLINX Concepts, all rights reserved. Before making any purchase, please read our policies on shipping and returns before ordering. Tattcat™ The INK DOG™ and all product names, brands, company logos, drawings, photographs, artwork and written content are all the property of SLINX concepts™ and may not be used or sold without express permission. All rights reserved. Made in a pet free, smoke free, safe studio by us! 100% Made in the USA. The best sphynxcat clothes& cat costumes are from Simply Sphynx. Sphynx cats, Devon Rex, Cornish Rex, Peterbalds, Donskoy and Oriental Shorthairs all wear our clothes. Designing since 2009, Stella Oriens was the original maker of the "kitten shark cat sweater" that you can still find pictures of everywere on the internet. Quite Simply, Simply Sphynx simply fits. Our cat centric patterns, created by a professonal pattern maker and Sphynx breeder give us a paw up on the competition. We also have amazing catnip toys, wool Amaze Balls and Dragonfly Toys. Be sure to check out our Spa section, we've developed our own sphynx cat bath that's getting rave reveiws. You can find gifts for the Sphynx and cat loving humans as well - jewelry, Christmas Ornaments, T shirts, Mugs, and so much more. We were the first to design a sunblock shirt for our cats, with our own pattern that makes the best use of the high grade sunblock materials that are USDA approved for rating of UV blocking from 50 to 90%. Often imitated, never duplicated, we keep our patterns close and our friends closer. All of us own and/or love sphynx and other cats and animals. You won't find a bunch of people more concerned with the softness of the thread we use and how we stitch each garment to be of utmost comfort to your cats. Everything we do and make is based off of the anatomy of a cat, and the most difficult of all to fit and keep from harm, a sphynx cat. Our garments take a little longer, but last for years with proper care. Our favorite thing to hear is "She would not wear clothes, but when we put yours on she purred!" Oh, and one more thing? If your cat does not like sleeves, well a small percentage never will, but that's because nobody has made cat sleeves before. We do, we love it, and so do the cats. Thanks for supporting a small American owned, Hand - Made in the USA business. Your purchases feed us, put our kids through school, help pay for our necessities and most often a part goes to one of the many charitible organizations that we support. The happy models are my cats, I'm the photographer. Occasionally some of our many "catstomers" who are photographers send us beautiful pictures with permission to use. Happy cats who get to play and get treats love the photo sessions! We think you are Purrrrfect, and hope you think we are too! www.slinxconcepts.comCome play with us! Instagram: @simplysphynx #simplysphynx Twitter: @SimplySphynx Facebook: ——————————————————————————————————————————- Please refer to our shop policies: Regarding Processing (making) times, shipping, returns, and all other customer service issues. Animal clothing is an intimate item and a custom order. HOWEVER - we do accept returns, exchanges, and sometimes partial refunds on a case by case basis if we have sent the wrong item, a defective item, or for several other reasons. Please contact us ASAP if you have questions. No item may be sent back without prior approval. 4th of July, , 4th of July, , Gifts for Pet Lovers, Gifts for Pets, Halloween Costumes for Pets, Cat Clothes, Sphynx Cat Clothes, Clothing for Cats, Cat Sweaters. 1111 Pet Pamperer, Pet Pamperers, Gifts for Pets, Gifts for Cats, Gifts for Pet Lovers, Gifts for Cat Lovers, Cat Lovers Gift, Christmas Gift

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