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Cat Tote for Traveling with Cats - Sphynx Cat Sling - Blue Fleece with Black - Pet Lovers Gift, Sphynx Sling.

$ 60
Sphynx Cat Sling, the SLINX soft front carry pouch for any cat. Helps with fear and socialization as well. Siamese, OSH, Devon Rex and Cornish Rex also love it. Final Sale Item for hygienic reasons if opened. See all the SLINX colors at: Love Blue? Here's what we have in blue! Like a Mother's hug, the SLINX embraces your pet all around, with full support for both of you. Available in a light weight fleece that breaths and is not too warm, but will hold warmth for your pet. Save your robe get more done, get the sphynx in the SLINX where he or she belongs! This is the only fully supported, safety tested hands-free, vegan, eco friendly, durable (any more needed?) and fashionable carrier for your cat or small dog. Many also sleep in it as a sack bed. Available in a wide range of colors, patterns and custom orders, this one is solid black. The SLINX was originally made as a soft "Front Pack" Sling for carrying your pet. Then people started teling us that they were using it as a type of "Front Pack/Apron/Backpack" for carrying around their own stuff! So here it is, a great, fully adjustable bag for carrying your pet in…anything but a human child please! At last a product created for you and your cat, dog, or whatever you wish! Almost any pet can use it, but I did create it with the Sphynx cat in mind. Soft, just stretchy enough for comfort for both of you, but support panels where needed. Easy to use, ties on like an apron. This is the SLINX Basics Sling: Long 1.5 yard Straps to tie many ways through side loops Large top opening with tie strap on one flap. Fits pets from 0-13 lbs, depending on body structure. Fits people of almost all sizes-fully adjustable. Works for some small dogs and other pets as well. 100% Polyester Fleece, imported fabric, constructed by me here in the USA. Wash on gentle cycle, cool water mild detergent, inside out, no fabric softener. Tumble dry low or medium. Reviews: Bethany M.-We LOVE our SLINX! If anyone is thinking about getting one.....get it! It's worth it & the naked babies LOVE it. My babies just sit in it & purr away. Shaynna S., Australia-"We LOVE LOVE LOVE the SLINX! I pulled it out last night and put it on the lounge, Jacques immediately checked it out and crawled inside and curled up for a snooze. As I type now he is passed out in it. It's perfect, soft, comfortable, and fits/sits so well. You're right about the leaving it hanging about- since Jacques was curled up in it last night I just picked him up and took him to bed in it." Alum A.-"It sure is made for sphynx because one of mine climbed right in. The other one is intensely curious but keeps getting swatted at to stay away by my big boy who is sitting in the slinx right now. He's the one who loves sitting in my shirt." "He (my husband) refers to Thermo as "his son" and demanded that he needs to wear the Slinx" ——————————————————————————————————————— Not returnable if opened. Please see FAQs below for answers. Please refer to our shop policies Regarding Processing (making) times, shipping, returns, and all other customer service issues. Be sure to get on the mailing list at (you may have to copy and paste the link) To get the announcements for the opening of our new shops. Match my Pet for amazing products and clothes for people and their pets. Amazing original unique gift items and clothing will be found at when it opens.

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