If you know me at all, you know that I try to take the best care that I can of my babies.

I'm also exceedingly into efficiency (i.e. kind of lazy on the home side).

I feed raw, www.darwinspet.com  Please give them my name, Airie McCready if you order.

I feed them in disposable containers, on easily washable trays.

Here's how I do it :)

I insure them at Pets Best.  You can see what I do, and there is a link here: http://www.slinxconcepts.com/pet-insurance.html . Do yourself a favor and just insure them, you can always stop it at any time.  It's more affordable and I have it broken down on the link page.  I don't care if you sign up with mine, or someone elses, just do it.