If I won the lottery tomorrow, I'd still make clothes for cats.

I do this for love and for life. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I'd still keep doing it. Right now whatever you purchase from my shop supports my life, the life of my cats, and the people that work with and for me, all women, most disabled in some way, shape or form.

How it started:
I've had and rescued dogs and cats for many years.
Finally I decided to try a breed cat-and got my first Sphynx cat Daisy. She was a delightful little velvety ball of love-and did not get much bigger than a large kitten.
Two years later I got Lucky-Lucky being another sphynx cat.
Lucky grew to almost twice the size of Daisy, and grew up playing with a friend's puppy.
Needless to say Daisy did not appreciate being played with as if she was a puppy.
He chased her night and day, jumping on her, biting her neck, knocking her over, until little Daisy became as clingy and yowly as as any cat could.
And so was born the SLINX, a sling for your Sphynx. I got so tired of carting Daisy around in my shirt or robe, and her yowling every time I moved, that I taught myself to sew and made a bag that tied around my body that she could sleep in. Posted it on facebook, and suddenly pet owners all over the world wanted one.
So now I had a pet business. I made my two cats soft, fleece pajamas to sleep in. They had cute clothes from other Sphynx clothing makers, but would freeze or fall over when I put them on! Something was wrong, so I made over 50 samples before they actually loved the pajama--AND PURRED WHEN I PUT IT ON THEM! 
Through this I bought and broke three home sewing machines because they were not strong enough to sew through 4 layers of fleece, and let's face it, I had no clue how to sew.
After two years of practice, lessons, and a lot of tears and frustration, I now sew very well, have an industrial machine, as well as several high quality machines used by my other pet loving stitchers. Every penny extra goes back into the business.
When I got Bella Blue and Starr Blue, I worked for them too-and I was able to do kitten sizing, from 2 months up to 12 months. Almost eveything in the shop is available for kittens, and can be ordered for small dogs!
Being very tattood myself, and an artist, I looked around for a way that my cats could wear tatts-and after a lot of research I did it! So now I have Tattcat clothing as well.
Soon I met several other designers, Stella Oriens, Rene Laigo and Christal Blu. We agreed to all be in one store, so they came on board.
Now with their help and a professional pattern maker who is also a sphynx and lykoi cat breeder, I've added long sleeves, short sleeves, t shirts, tank tops, dresses and even sunblock shirts. I made some toys and added those too!
I keep my prices affordable and each piece is made to order by one of us. So you may have to wait a day or two more but you will LOVE what you get.  
If you are on Facebook-there are a LOT of happy SLINX, pajama and tattcat wearing pets who are happy and wearing clothing for the first time, or for the first time without protest!.
More ways to have fun with us:
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